#Mosaic 3P

by A.O.N

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The #Mosaic 3P
All tracks written by A.O.N
All tracks produced by TheMosaicLaw

I purchased these beats a couple years back from a producer named "Mosaic" aka TheMosaicLaw. Apart from his dope production, he also helped me with my writing. Before I met him, I was, at best, an average emcee. Over the past couple years, I would like to think that I have really grown as an artist, and I owe a large part of that growth to the lessons taught to me by Mo. I just wanted to say thanks, and I wish you the best.


released February 12, 2013




A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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Track Name: We Are Live (Cuts by DJ Reflects)
Verse 1:
Now as I/ catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror as I pass by/ I realize I'm completely in your mercy/ and as I stand in your presence/ reflection on my past and present lets me know that I could never dream of bein worthy/ and even though my flesh is being tempted to seek another direction/ they often question if I'm discerning/ or if I take it up slow/ just make it up as I go/ relying solely on myself when the devils tryin to turn me/ I'm tryin not to worry/ I reach inside these dreams of mine because my most creative times are when I'm sleep deprived/ so peep the rhyme/ we seek to find the meaning in the message/ but I count my blessings when I teach my eyes to see the blind/ I know I seem to shine/ I couldn't take the credit for what's imbedded in these lines/ it's just cuz he's inside/ otherwise I'd take a turn for the worst/ and how would you determine my worth once I return to the dirt/ it's not determined by works/ so some might think its hopeless/ they choose to follow their heart/ but never stop to notice/ that the heart is deceitful/ above all things and desperately wicked/ so tell me who can know it

Verse 2:
Now every step I take/ is yet another journey down this dark road that we all call life/ now listen/ cuz every step you take/ affects your pride which'll determine the path that you walk and call alright/ but see/ we can't all be correct/ and though its hard to accept/ I put my faith in God to call the elect/ but some are bound to object/ confound to doubt and reject/ without an ounce of respect/ who I'm out to reflect/ I guess they think this life I live is my own/ but I crucify my flesh daily cuz this world ain't my home/ I ain't concerned bout keepin up with no joneses/ I Chris tucker on em/ cuz you know this man/ I won't compromise the gospel to save face/ a hard pill to swallow but it leads to saving grace/ acknowledge sin/ drop it all and call on him/ forget twitter man/ all you gotta do is follow him
Track Name: Fallen Soldiers
Verse 1:
This is to my soldiers that passed through the threshold /part of the past but we can't seem to let go /I feel trapped in my mental like I'm staring in your eyes /in a time when it was also simple /lest we forget those that pass from our grasp /made us laugh /all the while there through the moments every time we cried /the emotions I'm evoking got me open /no longer hoping to hold back the tears I tried to hide inside /you left the world behind /yet remain inside of me /staring from a casket/ but you're more alive than me /reminiscing on the days you used to ride with me /those days of immorality when you got high with me /you never shot me down and whenever I tried to dream /you told me reach for the sky then came to fly with me/ you tried to hide from me when Coke got a grasp on your life /I told you there was hope/ just let go when they pass you the pipe /some might see your face and recognize you from a past life /but I remember your expression like I saw you last night/ id show you my songs and everything would be fine /I swear I still hear you hum along in the back of my mind

Verse 2:
Now looking back at our memories when sinning was the centerpiece/ what had once seemed heavenly was selfish and not meant to be/ our tendencies are helpless/ mostly in vain/ perform acts we see as selfless to cope with the pain/ we know its insane/ get close to what we hoping to change/ focus is strained/ they're trade they're soul to hold you again/ to know you again is hopeless/ sold to the flames/ but if they showed you the way to go then I know you'd be changed/ just give me one day/ with no distractions/ that's what some say but none strayed to show you compassion/ so they come away with sadness/ or run away with rapping/ try to change your fate/ on the fact that your laid in a casket/ some lose hope/ others get hostile/ if I had a day I'd take that time to share the gospel with you/ and even though your gone/ we miss you so much/ Jerimy James Buffong/ we miss you so much
Track Name: Lonely Road
Verse 1:
I feel like I'm on a dark street/ my feetpounding on the pavement match my heartbeat/ I feel weak/ the sound of grace is what my heart seeks/ my lack of patience got me pacin on this concrete/ I feel lost/ the cross is just so hard to see/ it's just so hard to reach for his grace/ and all the outstretched hands that are placed in front of me/ but with a lepars touch/ I felt I never measured up/ plus I'm seeing demons while I'm dreaming/ it's the devils clutch/ it's too much/ they sharing false hope but hid the proof/ now I'm stuck staring at the rope that's swinging from the roof/ they see the surface but they never searching past the roots/ I'm feeling worthless but the curtains always seem to mask the truth/ and when I grab the neuce/ im picturing my mothers face/ and lovers grace and how we're all clung to one another's fate/ truthfully this ain't my choice to make/ so I lift my voice to the heavens and proceed to say

Verse 2:
14 years old /viewed as an object of affection /lost since adolescence had her managing antidepressants /never mentions that daddy used to take her and rape her to mommy /that's too much pressure she's already stressin/ plus she's pressing the question like what could she do?/ beat and Bruised/ try to hide but end up being see through /your mommy needs you/ he'd never let her run /plus don't tell no one cuz there's no way that they believe you /to try to cope she marks herself up with scars /instead of writing love /shell carve it into her arms /she wants to leave this place holding breath in her chest/ am I destined to stress and just question him pressing while I'm getting molested /and as the water fills the bathtub/ she climbs in the bottom and picks the knife back up/ and holds it to her wrist/ 2 slits up her arms/ and she's gone as she unballs her fists

Verse 3:
He locked himself up in his room /didn't want to go to school and didn't know what else to do /why the sudden change /his parents were ashamed /and teachers and classmates were downright cruel /plus his pastor just lost it /bullys screaming "faggot get back in your closet"/ odds stacked looking past all the nonsense /til his only friend moved back to the projects/ he couldn't face it alone /so he just phoned in sick so he could stay in his home /his parents disowned him /told him we don't have a son /so pack your bags your mom and I have had enough /that was it he couldn't handle the pressure/ ran upstairs/ locked his door hand on the dresser /pulled out a 45/ then began to cry/ put the gun to his head then said goodbye