Though The Heavens Fall

by A.O.N



Though The Heavens Fall is the sophomore album release from A.O.N.

37.5% of proceeds from the album go to, if you have a particular mission on the site that you would like to donate too, please send me a message and I will make sure your money gets there.

37.5% of proceeds also go to my local church, as we are looking to either re-locate or purchase a new church building.


released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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Track Name: Though The Heavens Fall Featuring Leina (Produced by J.D Beatz)
Verse 1

Everybody say they doing what they have to do/ laugh at you when your claims portray an absolute/ they looking mad confused/ say religions a bad pursuit/ but truth is/ I praise him for everyone of his attributes/ whether omniscience/ everything you know is clear/ or your omnipresence/ I know that your right here/ immutability/ so I know that'll never change/ your omnipotence gives me hope in the midst of my pain/ your holy/ just/ I can't help but bury my face/ yet somehow theyre compatible with mercy and grace/ self sufficient/ yet somehow your patient and love/ also jealous/ so we wait for the day that you judge/ we laughed to scorn/ asked what makes us think we're so sure/ cuz everything I've said is hidden inside of your word/ and that settles it/ telling em all I'm resolved/ because your words will stand even though the heavens fall

Verse 2

If I was on the edge/ looking over the precipice/ rifle to my back/ I'm blessed and I won't stress a bit/ the benefits of placing trust in your preeminence are pressed between the testaments and that's what's taking precedence/ the evidence is found from genesis through revelation/ no reservations/ if you said it/ ain't no speculating/ regenerations the seal/ forget my reputation/ know they come to steal and to kill/ prepare for devastation/ but even if the stars collide/ I'm just praying to see your will and my heart align/ you said to search/ and you ain't hard to find/ faithful to the bride since even before the start of time/ and you should know cuz you created it/ Ephesians 1 verse 3 to 6 is what he placed me in/ and that settles it/ telling em all I'm resolved/ because your words will stand even though the heavens fall

Hook - Leina
Track Name: This Is Me (Produced by Makemdef)
Verse 1
I was always the cat that no one wanted to feature/ til I took the necessary steps to elevate my game/ when I hear my lyrics pumping out through the speakers/ a smile comes across my face/ I'm no longer ashamed/ I'm on my feet like sneakers/ out my seat like teachers/ preachers try to reach us but the youth don't ever listen so I'm/ reaching for the bleachers when I'm speakin bout Jesus/ and for that reason/ in the booth they all think I'm trippin/ why?/ when y'all speakin on the beat/ always talking bout your beef/ glorifying the street/ like you reachin for your heat/ but when you meet a guy like me/ it's almost weird to hear a cat that's fully reppin his beliefs/ I know I know/ it can be a little much but/ talking how your guns bust can really get old/ goin on bout such and such/ that'll never be enough/ that's why I'm trying to teach the stuff that will feed your soul

Verse 2
All joking aside/ I speak hope for the lost and the broken inside/ I preach quotes when I know that it could cost me my life/ but that's the price of the call when you reach for the sky/ and this is me/ no ifs ands buts or maybes/ never smoke piff or get drunk/ ppl seem to think I'm crazy/ I'm 22 and I never carried loot/ I don't deal/ did I mention that I'm married too?/ to the love of my life/ that's clutching me tight/ hold her all throughout the day and then we cuddle at night/ when I'm without her/ it almost seems like nothing is right/ I thank The Lord everyday for ways she touches my life/ I've truly been blessed/ it's almost like a dream/ they all say its not real like a movie at best/ I'm able to rest/ without stress/ laying in bed/ I guess peace is real/ word to the angel on my chest

Verse 3
I'm just trying to give them the Gospel/ while they're main focus is stacking figures like a fossil/ bigger than colossal/ my frame of mind's more focused on the art painting pictures like Picasso/ we trying to go where no one's boldly/ gone they claim I'm played out kind of like the Oldie songs/ like that's my only song/ others say I take it overboard like my name is Goldie Hawn/ but my soul be strong because it's his/ rapping like you know he's on because he is/ reason that I'm focused/ only thing that keep me going strong/ when I'm feeling hopeless is knowing that he lives/ and they just laugh at me/ not perfect by any means/ still ain't mastered peace/ and tragically/ that'll probably never be the case/ but I got fam to hold me down/ shouts to pastor Nii/ We just move and ride/ all praises due to Christ who was crucified/ and Christian rapper or rapper thats Christian/ critics sitting want me to choose a side/ but I aint really one for labels/ fine line like a cable the truths inside/ so/ I guess I could go either way/ I'll tell you what/ why don't you decide
Track Name: What We Do Featuring Infinite & Braille (Produced by Heat Up Beats)
Verse 1 - Infinite

Verse 2 - Braille

Now let me ask you/ how you feel about words like repentance/ forgiveness/ and forsaking your sin/ huh?/ you feel the burden that's pressing/ knowing your purchased/ assured by the resurrection/ of the only person perfect/ deserving of introspection/ that's sure to change your direction/ It's purely an interjection/ I'm burying your objections/ I'm worried that your perspectives/ bound to leave you burning/ unless you turn in repentance/ be sure to mention the fact of election/ and sovereignty of God/ to hear it properly proclaimed these days is kinda odd/ but/ it's not a game of round robin/ we're to accurately convey the truth in the form of sound doctrine/ you feel a change yet?/ it's not a feeling once a week like a pay check/ that's a lie/ like safe sex/ I know some Christians will listen and get to dissin/ and say that it's legalism/ start taking shots at religion/ well/ guess everybody's a critic/ but our justification rests on the fact that he's risen/ uh/ not only that/ he took Gods wrath up in my place/ we need a church where these truths are accurately conveyed/ that's hard to find right?/ get your mind right/ you don't need rappers that's stacking acting in the lime light/ what we need is dudes that do the mission/ call it true religion/ point em to truer living/ til God produces true repentance
Track Name: Roll With Us (Produced by Sinema Beats)
Verse 1
This walks been tough /since we got inside/ we preach the gospel /no compromising/ we not surprised when /the cops got them watchful eyes/ when we trying to knock the lies that the blocks disguised in / we tryin to teach/ ain't no scholars man/ we trying to reach and just seek through those hollow trends/ if it's beef you should holla man/ but best believe we see right through you like Tupac's hologram yeah/ they just pass and block me/ say our paths never mash/ they just laugh and mock me see/ in the past I was rappin cocky/ til he smashed me out the box/ throwing jabs like rocky/ and I'm just trying to do the same for them/ free wills never free til you trade it in/ to the one who was slain for sin/ once you do/ I promise you won't ever feel the same again

Til then you can roll with us /come on fam you can roll with us / uh yea/ where my Christians who know what's up / got a father that'll hold us up / yeah what /when we feel like our souls is crushed / we just gotta have him close to us cuz/ we aint saying that the road aint rough/ but when it is you can roll with us/ listen

Verse 2
This a burden I wouldn't try to carry/ good dudes turn to thugs/ acting tough like they Tyler Perry /make a scene /it's all a part of the act / plus he say he pack a cannon big as the one Mariah Carey /and what he gotta front for /life or death I know where I'm headed so what I got a run for/ these rappers talking bread /you want the walking dead /flip off your TV and look out your front door/ I'm in Ezekiel wherever I go /they never listen when it's simple so I bettered the flow /but I'm less concerned with what I talk /life's a marathon and I'm just trying to get this walk right/ so ido more than just give em a verse/ I pick them up for Sunday service and bring them to church/ if they don't hear it/ I ain't givin up/ I hit the crib and tilt they're head to the side so they can listen up

Verse 3
You ain't gotta walk this road alone /you should know weve all roamed like a mobile phone /you stay running though/ while the father's feet are pacing waiting patient for the day when We be coming home /yeah our mission isn't just to run through life /we the body made one through Christ/ get it /as Christians you might not vibe with us /but come and kick it and just ride with us
Track Name: Make Room Featuring Swift (Produced by Telling Beatzz)
Verse 1 & Hook - Swift

Verse 2
They say my raps whack/ I'm tryna show Jesus comes in one size fits all like snap backs/ plus he carried our weight like back packs/ hold up let me back track/ now a lotta ppl ain't diggin the content/ listenin an thinkin what I'm spittin is nonsense/ stay diggin/ trying to fish for responses/ with more one liners than a table of contents/ I keep it honest/ they ain't happy though/ rap bout sellin packs/ makin stacks or the gat will blow/ false ideals placed up in their minds by other rappers/ inception/ no dicaprio/ and they ain't trying to recover/ livin in a world where we sit and lie to our brothers/ please/ tell me why we won't stand for truth/ but when it comes to red and blue we're down to die for a color/ huh?/ crews runnin up an beefin/ rappers claiming sets like they runnin up and squeezing/ ya right/ something's up/ cause no one will ever see them/ they feed the hood poison cause we're dumb enough to eat it

Verse 3
We spit that truth/ something y'all can get behind/ set aside that set you rep and take a step inside/ if not then step aside/ I can't just let em die/ they've seen so many murders/ wishin they could press rewind/ yea/ now if they happen to listen/ I hope they ditching on that trash that them gangstas is dishin/ you actin hard/ that ain't the way that you living/ it's fittin that you spittin bars cause you trapped in a prison/ but I've been set free/ got the lock and key and now there ain't no stopping me or blocking so just listen up/ its a new game/ these dudes want 2 chainz/ but i got that hockey state of mind so Ice don't trip me up/ yea/ I dealt with bustas like flip mode/ got the message across/ ain't gotta grip chrome/ I just spit the facts/ kick it like I'm gripping bats/ swinging for the stands so everything I say would hit home/ and everybody wanna
Track Name: Occupy All Streets (Produced by Anno Domini)
Yeah we all in /ain't no poker face /answer the Lords callin/ spreading out that hope and grace /they say to know your place/ ey what you call me/ nah when aint stopping til we occupy all streets/ yeah all streets /occupy all streets /said we ain't stoppin til we occupy all streets/ forget Wall Street/ to hell with what they call me /we ain't stopping til we occupy all streets

Verse 1
Ain't tryin to make em move/ we trying to make em move/ sinnin to repentance/ fixin em to make it through/ he say he paid his dues/ well who he paid em too/ actin as if he packin a biscuit/ lackin to think he played a fool/ yo who you playin dude?/ Simba we know you lyin kid/ your act align with today's music/ ain't nobody buyin it/ that's why we diving in/ supplying them with signs of him/ and try to witness/ try to bring this world to the truth as time permits it/ ya we be goin hard/ tell em they can martyr me/ rip apart my flesh and bone/ my heart and every artery/ to them it may be hard to see/ the objective is to make him known/ seeking out his face an sending grace til the day he takes us home/ til then we be spreading the message/ and hopin they get it/ we bring it relentless/ representing the one who has sent us/ and hoping that one day we make it to heaven/ bringing the Gospel of Christ because we know that he'll take care of us/ Australia/ Africa/ Asia/ Europe/ north and South America

Verse 2
ya/ and they can try to refuse it/ sayin we confused/ but we gonna keep movin/ they can say that I'm foolish/ we promote that change man/ this ain't just music/ I loose it over a hard beat/ cruising/ don't you dare start me/ I'm truth aware and you too could share in the movement where we and God meet/ crews declaring they got me/ dudes do whatever they're heart seeks/ we moving into get em/ ain't no thinkin bout a limit/ on our pivot/ kick it like karate/ and I'm a misfit/ so you won't ever place me well/ from YYC to van city / down to ATL/ and they don't play me while the stereos hype/ cuz I don't spit that trash/ guess I ain't the stereo type/ forget stacks cuz I ain't gettin em/ most of these dudes is real jokers/ and they ain't gettin jack/ not a nickel son/ and it ain't hard to diss you/ so let's just set it straight/ you yellin how your art official/ that's how we tell you fake
Track Name: The Time Is Now Featuring Mouthpi3ce (Produced by Diamond Style Productions)
Verse 1
Everyday I wake up I gotta battle lust/ try to saddle up and never travel back to the days when my sin had me crushed/ yea I'm mannin up/ I've been lost in porn for over ten years now homie/ I done had enough/ now I'm standing up/ it's time to break the strongholds that the devil had on me/ I'm gettin bandaged up/ I'm jumpin back in that ring/ but I ain't throwing jabs/ I'm there to murder my flesh/ there ain't no going back/ they say to let it go/ but no I won't let go of that/ I'm going at it full swing man/ ain't no holding back/ my soul was black when I was trapped in that living/ so knockout or not/ shorty won't get a decision/ I won't back down/ it's either your or me/ there ain't no gettin through to me/ too deep to turn back now/ I'm dealing with the facts now/ got my defenses up/ meant to crush my lust whenever it tries to come back around


And I just been trying to find my way out /got my guards up I ain't fittin to lay down /Biblical manhood we grind it out/ no more sitting waiting patient cause the time is now listen /and there isn't anything they can say now /hit the ground but we ain't going to stay down /accountability we grind it out/ I aint worried if they feeling me / the time is now

Verse 2 - Mouthpi3ce

Verse 3
Where my ppl who be tired of always living foul/ think they're so far gone that they can't ever be forgiven now/ you wrong/ hold on/ keep goin strong/ no living proud/ killin sinnin with repentance is the only mission now/ I understand where you is/ cuz I've been trapped myself/ stuck in my lustful prison/ wouldn't ask for help/ I used to bump tracks about it like this dude is hot/ but now I'm thinkin bout where ima be after the music stops/ now it's a problem even loggin on Facebook/ cuz shortys body got me less concerned with how her face look/ I mean honestly/ y'all got nothing to prove/ it's true beauty when y'all choose to dress modestly/ cause any girl can get a guy to go and yern for sex/ but it takes a true woman to go and earn respect/ so listen up cuz were in need of your help/ and fellas tell em that we can't do it ourselves/ the time is now
Track Name: #AllLivesMatter (Produced by Tone Jonez)

That's why I'm screaming out that all lives matter man/ ain't no differentiation/ that was not his master plan/ keep your foolery/ man it ain't nothing new to me/ there's no such thing as slaves or free/ Jew or Greek/ what you believe?/ now everybody scream that all lives matter man/ ain't no differentiation/ that was not his master plan/ keep your foolery/ man it ain't nothing new to me/ there's no such thing as slaves or free/ Jew or Greek/ you cool with me?

Verse 1

First off/ let me say this ain't to act rude/ but if I'm honest man/ I'd have to say it's past due/ I hear the haters now/ yo you ain't a black dude/ pardon me/ guess thats a valid reason to look past truth/ I get attacked/ and that's cool/ it's what I had in mind/ I'm just a white dude/ not a black dude/ gotta battle pride/ what if I had a black dude/ to validate everything I came to say?/ (wuttup a?) that's it/ I hope yall satisfied/ that's enough/ hold up/ yo lets get back to business/ first off let me state it plain/ I'm a Christian/ that means my conscience is held captive to the word of God/ I hold to everything that's written in them sacred scriptures/ that said/ any injustice here is evil dude/ but white cops ain't the only ones we speaking too/ this goes to black/ white/ red/ yellow/ green or blue/ justice applies to all colours/ hope you see the truth

Verse 2

Now/ I know a lot of yall won't disagree/ you took the milk/ but don't speak up before you get the meat/ ya that was lawful and thoughtful/ but it's impossible without the gospel/ to bring peace/ that's what our mission be/ I know a lotta people turn around and knock police/ black lives do matter/ I wouldn't disagree/ but this a sin issue/ forget your skin tissue/ we all got a common need/ whether bond or free/ at this point/ people start to diss and call me ignant/ I'm just saying you want justice?/ gotta be consistent/ we killing baby's cuz most just don't plan for parenthood/ fight injustice while supporting planned parenthood/ what about the great physician?/ yo what the doctor say?/ we don't know/ we all too busy listening to Dr Dre/ instead of taking time to stop and pray/ we mock and play it down like it don't matter/ while them rappers hustle blocks of yay/ at least that's what they say/ they talking pull and shoot/ kill the youth/ turn around and try to act like they were bulletproof/ ayo I'm so disgusted/ I'm all for social justice/ but without Jesus that's a band aid for a bullet wound
Track Name: Catch A Break Featuring Dubby & Tone Spain (Produced by AllRounda Productions)
Verse 1

They told me to pick it up/ with this mic down/ was slipping up/ so I pipe down/ when I hit em up/ it's like fisticuffs with every bar that I write now/ focused on a new sight now/ no longer chasing after foolishness/ was cocky so don't cross me/ but then he crossed me with that crucifix/ now there's nothing that I wouldn't do for the fam/ moving whenever they caught in a jam and it's all because he made me part of his plan/ so pardon me/ part of me still find it hard to see/ I could be part of his mystical artistry/ called and he guarded me/ changed every part of me/ sovereign/ yet everything's fitting with harmony/ swear I'm still trying to make sense of it/ but they telling me I should dumb it down/ keep silent/ just not mention it/ but sorry homie/ won't censor it/ so your censorship don't apply to me/ no selling out/ I'm yelling out the name of Christ because he died for me/ yea/ so if I never catch a break/ cool with me/ I'm in community/ just persevering with the saints/ growing in godliness/ not for an audience/ only for him/ and that should be obvious/ lowly/ I know he has never forsaken me/ nothing can break me/ I stand on his promises

Hook - Dubby

Verse 2 - Tone Spain
Track Name: Oh Lord (Produced by Diamond Style Productions)

I be screaming oh Lord/ I feel We've been lost for so long/ I've just been trying to hold on/ said I've just been trying to hold on/ it got me screamin oh Lord/ feel We been lost for so long/ used to think I was so strong/ examine what's inside/ thinkin in my mind that I've just been trying to hold on

Verse 1

I feel I'm bout to lose my grip homie/ questioning if the Lord still got his grip on me/ waist deep/ i can see I'm starting to sink slowly/ on the brink/ bout to slip/ and it ain't snowy/ I know that I'm solely the one to blame/ my souls in another frame/ feel lonely and under strain/ bring me back to you Lord/ your holy/ a burning flame/ I'm lowly/ in need of change/ please mold me and rearrange/ remember days/ I was totally unashamed/ repped your name uncontrollably/ locally made it plain/ ain't no time for diplomacy/ globally make a change/ before they perish irrevocably/ hopelessly burn in flames/ man/ cuz ain't no end to eternity/ so how I walk through this life like that don't burden me/ if I'm a Christian/ I was built for adversity/ verbally preach the word cuz we in a state of emergency

Verse 2

Do we even know what our mission be?/ admittedly I used to handle it whimsically/ but the worlds listening/ and we'd be stupid to not include everything that we do as a part of ministry/ every move that we make is examined critically/ they try to say it's all good/ but do It cynically/ how can we expect them to believe?/ when whenever they look at us/ they staring at inconsistency/ huh?/ we speaking to em timidly/ never mention iniquity/ it's sickening to think that we representing the trinity/ visually dumb it down/ they sick of the run around/ so they justified in their disbelief/ ya/ well I'm sick of people dissin me/ I spit it vicious they thinking that I was missin teeth/ Ya they malicious/ ambitious/ trying to get at me/ but I'm a faithful witness/ swinging til the spirit brings relief

Verse 3

Now how you think it's a game/ we living in a world that's twisted/ sick and deranged/ where everybody is a victim/ we sit and complain/ all the while being conditioned/ to think we can change/ but that's a lie/ only the giver gives the gift of repentance/ we sickened seeking contention/ picket preaching prevention/ ditching decent dimensions/ ticking teaching em tension/ while radically reject anything that leads to redemption/ we in the age of deception/ question anything that's connected to correction/ people fight depression/ neglecting forms of confession/ claim their the exception/ but fail to draw the connection/ you really think your better deceived?/ man there's a standard/ nah I never said it was me/ I'm not a pastor/ this ain't some kind of clever conceit/ but you need to turn from his wrath bruh/ repent and believe
Track Name: Focal Point Featuring Swinn Da Example & SYD (Produced by Don-P)
Verse 1 - Swinn Da Example

Hook - SYD

Verse 2

Nah homie/ you don't need to be concerned with how you living/ specially when you chillin/ always studying religion/ sitting in your kitchen/ face is buried in the scriptures/ James 1 verse 22 my dude/ yo who you kidding/ sit in sin while thinking I won't let it bother me/ don't walk it out but still in love with that theology/ but it's so sick and tragic watching you just get it backwards/ focused on your systematic/ skipping what it's getting after/ all that wisdom/ is it really gon be worth your life/ forget the cost/ cuz that ain't never gonna purchase Christ/ if it's all head knowledge/ then your faith ain't working right/ if that's the case/ it's dead and you don't have eternal life/ what I'm getting at is this ain't just mental assent/ believing facts won't save you if you don't ever repent/ understanding is important and we should believe it/ but it's fruitless if it don't grow our love for Jesus/ he's the focal point