Dear Hip Hop (Letter to B​.​I​.​G. Remake)

by A.O.N

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My letter to hip hop.

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Dear hip hop/ it's been a minute since we conversated/ can I be honest?/ since we talked it seems you've gone basic/ I ain't hating/ I'm just stating what I hear and see/ it seems you've gone pop/ for reasons that just ain't clear to me/ ya/ I used to look at you like a father/ now/ everything you release in the streets seems watered down/ weak schemes/ you only speak about dollars/ how'd we get to this place/ some state it'd change with Pac around/ but that's a mind state/ congruent with the crime rate/ cuz rappers acting like they gangsta/ banging out some blind hate/ and everybody slanging/ claiming that they rhyme great/ screamin thug life/ like they from that sunshine state/ saying they sublime/ wait/ they part of the scam/ it's less about your rhymes/ more your marketing plan/ I've heard some dope artists/ working hard as they can/ but won't sell out/ so A&R's won't market the man/ damn/ lets take it back to the asics/ dope rhymes over thick claps and the bass kicks/ when whole tracks made you snap/ and your face shift/ when radio ain't co-sign whack on every station/ ya/ when we was spittin in the basement/ doin it all for the love/ not chasing getting famous/ man/ that almost seems ancient/ we talking fore Wayne hopped off in his spaceship/ before the carter 3?/ man that was hard to beat/ you couldn't tell me nothing homeboy/ that was just art to me/ I felt it in my heartbeat and every artery/ bumpin big pun and rakim was just a part of me/ but since then we parted ways/ and now we hardly speak/ that's why I'm writing this letter/ cuz this is hard to see/ I mean we was kin/ but now you'd rather teach the kids about money and sex instead of reachin em/ but I'ma always get em with bars/ as far as hip hop goes/ I stay reppin you hard/ just had to take a minute out to step to you dawg/ with all those lessons/ I could swear its you that lead me to God/ man/ and that's deep if I'm honest/ so every time we speak i'ma reach through the nonsense/ and I ain't never gonna blow off rap/ so anytime you go off track/ I teach like a conscience/ you was fresh man/ what happened to you/ now everything you say seems fake and lackin in truth/ next up/ so I'ma jump back in this booth/ we on a quest love/ trying to take it back to the roots


released August 4, 2015




A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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