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by A.O.N

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Produced by DJ Khaled


I remember late nights/ in the club or writing rhymes til the day light/ focused on them brake lights/ but wouldn't slow down/ trying to keep my pace right/ rather suffer from stage fright/ then try to make my marriage work/ wifey waiting up/ but I aint never cared at first/ I know it isn't fair/ it hurts/ but baby what you need?/ you crazy/ let me leave/ you ain't feeling cherished/ worse things have happened/ then me not treating you like a queen/ I'm just chasing my dreams/ yo you really wanna hold me back?/ I know that's what it's seeming like/ it's only for a season right?/ I just blow her off like/ listen babe I need to write/ need to write/ I can't imagine how it must have felt to sleep at night/ newlyweds/ but your husbands never home/ waiting for a call/ but he ain't never phone/ wonder who he's with/ but you ain't never know/ good girl/ so those vows you said are set in stone/ wonder how you deserved to just be left alone/ try to problem solve/ I ain't never get it though/ wonder why you got involved/ I be screaming let it go/ always focused on that better flow/ so anytime we speak/ I could never hold a comprehensive conversation/ l can see why you got impatient/ I'm just so surprised that you never left me/ listen girl/ I'm not debating/ I know I dropped the ball/ big time/ like 99/ no Gretzky/ hold up/ now let's see/ you sexy/ for some reason/ always press me/ like a fresh tee/ when I got you by my side/ I'll never lose or tie/ I can always feel the win/ like a fresh breeze/ can feel em tightening the neuce/ budget tight/ it's never lose/ when I feel I'm running out of juice/ just cop a fresh squeeze/ ha/ know she love them corny lines/ she be needing more than time/ night until the morning time/ I ain't never gonna skate/ so I do so much more than grind/ keep the son at the centre/ so we do so much more than shine/ opened up my eyes/ bright but I can sorta see/ music on the back burner/ you mean so much more to me/ God/ wife/ work/ ministry/ keep those things in line/ plus a baby on the way/ I got new priorities/ and that's the way it's gotta stay/ when I feel I'm bout to slip/ I just stop and pray/ listen girl/ I got a lot to say/ forgive me for my past mistakes/ I realize that's not the way/ acting like I'm tough when/ the truth is I'm weak/ you wanted a husband/ but I wanted to preach/ ain't see where you coming from/ we ain't never speak/ I kept screaming 116/ but I ain't never reach/ and that's crae/ I still got a lot to change/ trust in God to make a way/ praying by my bed side/ trying to get my head right/ hard to see your weakness when your dead/ blind/ got a heart of stone/ I was unregenerate/ yet professing faith in faith/ thinking that'll settle it/ how can I be better when/ myself is who I prayed too/ looking in the mirror/ make the promise that I'd stay true/ then I felt my faith move/ got pulled to his sovereign grace/ swear I chose God/ but trust me that was not the case/ Romans 9/ almost made me stop and say/ that he was unjust/ hold up/ before you knock it/ wait/ don't the potter have power over the clay?/ so then really what's the issue/ it comes down to viewing God as under man/ and that's not something I would sit through/ all praises due/ owe you my entire life/ wanna glorify you every time I sit and try to write/ adopted in the family/ you pulled all my cards out/ finally saw your arms out/ like I listened to japhia life/ to sum it up/ I need daily provision/ and when I fall short/ you know that I'll come for forgiveness/ ain't got solomons wisdom/ I am just a man/ but I'm taking my stand/ unashamed/ I'm a Christian


released November 5, 2015



all rights reserved


A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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