Initiation (Free Download)

by A.O.N

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My brand new debut single on SBS music label



Let em ask what the problem be/ tell em all that I'm sort of an Anomaly/ everyone out here dumbing it down/ tell em all that it's not for me/ ain't a person in the world that could hold me/ no compromise/ won't keep it low key/ before that I'd rather rot in a cell/ so you can tell em that I'm not for sale


pride talking/ said to smash the track/ man I had to laugh at that/ 3 EP's ready/ back to back/ that's where my habits at/ cold flow/ cuz my habitat/ yea/ winter coat/ with the hat to match/ spitting dope but they know I'll never mask the fact/ that I'm broke/ they taking notes on how to master tracks/ I rep Christ/ man I'd much rather master that/ and that's real/ going hard and I'm living well/ give em more bars than a prison cell/ yo that line was whack/ tell em rewind it back/ my grinds in tact/ and minds relaxed/ I feel like everybody in here's denying the facts/ they like mummified felines/ lying in raps/ ayo you get it?/ take a second/ ok your time is up/ they mighta signed me but/ ain't nobody gonna line me up/ with all these dudes spitting stupid and foolish saying they do it/ that claim they part of a movement/ I'm cruising/ but in my own lane/ no fame/ that's ok/ my souls plain/ still meet him in the air like soul plane/ all these dudes bragging they did it their own way/ we gonna see em all tank like propane


felt this way for a minute now/ had to pen down/ If you gotta rap how you all about that life/ chances are/ you ain't about that life/ ya we get it/ you about that mic/ about that ice/ your raps to make em bounce all hype/ but on the real/ that just won't suffice/ keep your cliches homie/ we about that Christ/ even rapping bout spitting the gospel/ doesn't mean that you be spitting the gospel/ I'll admit man/ it sounds cool/ but ask an atheist what you mean/ he ain't got a clue/ a lotta young dudes will run from this/ but Christian raps more than yelling out 116/ you get it?/ think about them sinners lined in hell/ now are you really unashamed?/ only time will tell/ but let me chill/ I'm a sinner too/ I fall short/ not the guy you wanna listen to/ bringing art that my mind has pictured/ reject anything of mine that don't align with scripture/ feel me?/ I'm inclined to the same hype/ slipping time to time/ like ya my games tight/ putting pride aside/ we got the same fight/ and I know that my lines divide like they were James White's


We be shouting out who's great/ screaming the king of kings/ while other dudes hate/ one name/ one fate/ still unashamed/ even if you aint


released January 28, 2016
Produced by Snack Bar Sounds



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A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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