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Let Nas Down Remake.

This is a track that I made when I was going through some things with my Father. I hope some of you can relate. Please share and enjoy.

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Let y'all down

I let y'all down/ yet and still I still feel I let y'all down
Sayin get gone with the idols/ ain't knocking any rivals/ if PAC was like Jesus/ and Nas wrote the bible/ then whatever/ gotta say I'm sorry/ I sinned/ this is for my mentor/ now let the story begin/ now how will it end

Here we go again/ it's getting hard to carry the load/ tried to hold it in/ I guess it's time for bearin my soul/ I spent days and nights just trying to follow The Lord/ but my day to day will show that I don't care where I go/ or at least that's how it seems/ havin dreams you'd call nightmares/ given clear instructions/ trying to keep my sights clear/ looking at this burden/ thinking that I might bear/ I feel so close/ swearing that I'm right there/ man/ this obedience was killin me/ Prayin to The Lord/ makes me wonder if he's still in me/ after all the morals he instilled in me/ I still feel less a man unless everybody is feelin me/ satans gone/ it's like I'm dining with another devil/ beat it once/ it's like my pride is on another level/ ain't nothin left for me to do but think and smile/ give an inch/ I'll take a mile/man i feel like I can't ever settle/ damn/ it's like nothing's ever good enough/ parents gave their all/ been satisfied's what I shoulda done/ but/ decided to give them their space/ turned my back on my pops/ it's like I spit in his face/ now/ it's like I'm too proud to give him a call/ love my moms too much to try to get her involved/ cuz/ she don't deserve that/ burned her/ she ain't burn back/ too far to turn back/ I settled the score/ now I feel like I can't even be bothered/ harbored bitterness that no man should feel for his father/ uh/ I say all that to say this/ it was never justified for me to take shots like revolvers/ uh/ I pray your listening/ I'm noticing the sin in me/ the imagery that's listed's been depicted so vividly/ I'm sick of me/ it's sickening just staring in the mirror/ I hear ya/ now I'm just praying you've forgiven me/ but knowing you/ I can bet you wanna hear the words/ well I apologize/ what I said was undeserved/ and that was straight from my heart and my soul/ I guess I got one of them tempers that be hard to control/ ha/ but you should know that/ cuz I got it from you/ and you can't even knock that statement/ cuz you know that it's true/ I mean it has to be/ cuz everytime I'm staring in that mirror/ if I stare for long enough/ It's you staring back at me/ yea/ I bet that's something that my wife hates/ don't take it personal/ we trying to get my life straight/ my present mind states just airing out the issues/ first time backs bound to be awkward like a blind date/ but ill be damned if I get rude and dismiss you/ shouts to Nii/ guess I needed to find the root of the issue/ cuz my seed will need his grandpops/ sugar feed and canned pops/ Don't know any other way to say that I miss you/ damn/ it's like you said/ the debt was paid/ you can't accept it/ then I guess we go our separate ways/ I wish I never strayed/ trying to change the sands of time/ forced my hand/ but i understand that hand was mine/still/ i hope you see that my soul was in pain/ I can see I messed up/ I'm still hoping to change/ sometimes I feel i got so many flows in my brain/ that I gotta jot em down to keep from going insane/ I let y'all down


released July 5, 2013
Let Nas Down by J.Cole




A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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