Like That Feat. J. Crum & SYD

by A.O.N



Like That Featuring J. Crum & SYD


Like that

Verse 1 - A.O.N

Listen/ I ain't your typical cat/ slanging crack on the corner/ spit ridiculous raps/ giving you dap/ man I'd rather stick to giving the facts/ with the listeners jacked/ tripping while you flipping them packs/ nah/ see im gifted/ and a Christian in fact/ to a Lord that's risen/ coming to administer that/ deliverance from sinning/ while you sitting thinking bout that/ should change your train of thought/ maybe think bout switching your track/ get it?/ ya/ Jesus carry the squad/ they think we're twisted/ cuz we're distant/ brining the message abroad/ our religion is depicted as barbaric and odd/ but we consistent and committed trying to bring em to God/ man/ afflicted/ they be thinking we frauds/ but/ conviction is what be pushing us on/ in the face of a sadistic/ wicked/ vicious system/ fitted for destruction/ we bring some assistance/ uh/ the only kind that's ever making a difference/ be the kind that points away from self and onto the cross/ so/ we point em to the word of God that was written/ put superstitions to rest/ tell the rest that he's risen/ uh


Check who your listening too/ seems everybody now a days is dissing the truth/ when I give it to you/ tell me how you gonna respond/ bringing it strong/ but it seems that they don't really like that/ spit it in songs/ but they don't really like that/ listeners gone/ cuz they don't really like that/ hold on little homie/ I'll be right back

Verse 2 - J. Crum

Verse 3 - SYD


released April 8, 2016
Produced by 2Deep



all rights reserved


A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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