Your World Featuring Corbett (Produced by Blacklight)

by A.O.N



Featuring Corbett


Verse 1
You just lookin for the paper/ and everything that come with it/ long haul just grab the ball and run with it/ curtain calls you all in/ dumb with it/ you better go hard/ represent and come with it/ I said I'm done with it/ I ain't trying to blow/ cuz there ain't no roads that lead where I'm trying to go/ and on a side note/ those high hopes for my flow/ I just take a step back/ Ima take the high road

Verse 2

We caught up in a world that's only focused on its own/ so I'm proud to say/ that this is not my own/ they say I'm crazy when they always see me praising him/ but Wayne said he's an alien/ and y'all ain't say he's crazy then/ so what y'all gettin in my face bout/ forget roadblocks/ I won't take the same route/ stepping in my way/ I'm like stay out/ cuz like old video games/ y'all played out/ so they just push me to the background/ that's how they act/ they figure I'm about to back down/ is that a fact now/ laugh loud pass out/ sure hope your ready when I'm snappin comin back around/ see what they lacking is passion/ they steady crashing and masking their actions and laughing/ then dashing like its no thing/ while we stay blasting they slacking/ we get it cracking and tackle whatever happens/ cuz we champions/ no ring

Verse 3

Now this is our world/ made for us to enjoy it/ that being said there's plenty ppl who try to exploit it/ sellin poison to the younger generations/ get their hunger elevated/ building numbers but end up destroying/ ain't no way to avoid it/ we never see the same/ homeless mind state/ I recognize the need for change/ I'm like a sports fanatic sitting in church/ I might listen at first but in between the lines I gotta peep the game/ making sure they're not out of alignment/ never remaining silent/ vibrant while battling violence/ whatever happens/ regardless if your reaction/ man I'd stand behind these bars alone/ solitary confinement/ if you don't feel me then its all good/ I'm representing change I wanna see/ like we all should/ taking it back with writing/ lit like a flash if lightning/ this is our world/ lets start actin like it


released March 4, 2016
Produced by Blacklight Productions



all rights reserved


A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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