E​.​O​.​T​.​U (Evidence Of Things Unseen)

by A.O.N



Another 3P from A.O.N (All Or Nothing).

Tracks all recorded & mixed by A.O.N

Hope you guys enjoy this project. Just another little something to tide you over until the album drops. "No Compromise" COMING SOON!!!


released June 4, 2013

All beats are taken from the most recent Evidence project, "Cat's & Dog's"




A.O.N Calgary, Alberta

Rapper, Husband, Writer, God fearing individual. Something different in there for everyone.

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Track Name: Welcome Back
He's back.../ go on/ pull out the welcome mat/ it's been a minute/ take a second out to welcome me back/ I'm stepping out/ and messin about/ outside of my comfort zone/ you played out/ everything that you be dumping's old/ nothing's cold/ flows so barbaric/ rolls gold/ so generic/ what a joke/ so hysteric/ having fun with the track/ I'm runnin it back/ hustle in tact/ if someone react/ forget it/ we reppin and stepping to teach em a lesson/ unless they surpressing the facts/ they say I'm wildin' on you/ truth is/ you just mad cuz I'm styling on you/ you can't deny that the flows raw/ welcome back/ similar to mase in 04/

Welcome back/ welcome back/ flows cold so you know it's still in tact/ you can hate if you like/ but the only space you gets between me and this mic

Now they say he got a fever/ turn an atheist into a believer/ take the simple issues/ rip through anything they give you/ hittin everything they list you/ spit it like a guided missile/ in other words/ man I'm on point/ put the weed down/ don't be focused on the wrong joint/ steady delivering classics/ flippin the track/ no gymnastics/ under a minute/ administer magic/ listeners say I'm a sinister rapper/ and I'd have to agree/ everybody taking shots/ why you blastin at me?/ I'm a peaceful dude/ no beef with you/ trying to teach and speak with you/ reach to see the peak with you/ they scared that ima eat your food/ and they probably right/ you could tell I'm hungry/ just by how I'm rocking this mic/ yea/ no dumb maneuvers/ I be runnin through ya/ I ain't never full/ boy don't let the stomach fool ya


Sittin at the door now/ open up/ I'm about to kick the door down/ it's going straight off the hinges/ take off/ the engines got the key in the ignition/ listen/ I'm delivering that cocky flow/ ain't no way to stop me bro/ tell em they should lock and load/ they wanna knock me/ then you better have that rocky flow/ no bills/ keep it real/ this ain't the Cosby show/ claiming he the best/ we don't/ dare to believe it/ cuz we never feel ya hits like a/ paraplegic/ uh/ leave em dead from the neck down/ he aint nothin but a blood sucker/ no west nile

Track Name: You

The pit falls of an artist/ you'd think the trust was lacking/ when I/ bust my raps like nothing happened/ ain't/ rushing back as soon I'm done/ or if I/ stick around just to have some fun/ she going going berserk/ phoning when you know I'm at work/ she send her girlfriends over just hoping I flirt/ with some low cut shirt/ open toes and a skirt/ you know what? Sure/ I'm home alone/ that'll work/ what is you trippin? I'm bout to break my phone/ why would I/ go get a burger/ I got steak at home/ have sloppy awkward sex with a stranger?/ no/ I'd rather get my sweet kit kat/ and break you off/ properly/ so when you hear that knock/ it's me/ she on her/ twitter beef/ Steady blocking me/ but its whatever boo/ I'm best when under pressure/ that's the cost of love/ she front like the trust is extra/ ya right

Hook: I don't know what to do/ done said it a million times/ baby girl you know I want.../ I understand you been hurt too much/ but if we gonna make this work/ you gotta learn to trust/ I want...

Oh I get it/ you just wanna test me right?/ cuz you don't/ trust the rush/ she cuff me nightly/ I don't/ lust or touch illustrious wifeys/ so you wanna judge?/ you better judge me rightly/ I'll politely state that ain't the heart of the issue/ try to nicely say its getting harder to miss you/ sick of/ bartering with you/ argue over marginal issues/ now it's time to show you the art of dismissal/ from when I started to kiss you/ so simple/ continued then started to diss you/ cuz she/ reached for my phone/ always speak in a tone/ call and creep by my home/ never leave me alone/ she on that stalker tip/ a week later/ phone me up and try to talk a bit/ have a friendly conversation at a show/ feel her hit me on the hip/ text message/ who you talkin with?/ creepy/

I need some room to breathe/ need to take a little break from this you and me/ don't want.../ listen girl/ you've been losin me/ back off/ I just need a little room to breathe/ don't want...

Listen girl/ I got a wife at home/ so it's/ probably best you leave my life alone/ spend most of my time trying to write these poems/ and the rest of my nights on this microphone/ get it?/ I ain't got time for chattin/ tryin to climb and ain't lookin for a dimes reaction/ I don't/ mind the lines/ what I find to happen/ is she trying to play me close/ like a fatal attraction/ but we done/ I got a wife now/ what I writes coinciding with my lifestyle/ it don't matter if my ex is waitin/ back burner/ she don't dig it/ no excavation/ k?/ listen girl/ you startin to test my patience/ I've been stressed to the point I need some extra laces/ started wearin on my soul/ they were set for a season/ out my life/ she called an ex for a reason

Don't wanna speak on the phone/ I moved on/ just leave me alone/ and do.../ Wuttup?/ don't need to speak beyond that/ ain't no reason we should to keep in contact/ do...
Track Name: F.W.P (First World Problems)
Verse 1:
This is me pitchin/ keep sittin in your seat/ this a river to a creek/ lil homie you got no flow/ so/ when you listen to the beat/ better keep it on repeat/ what I'm giving you is so deep/ see/ how you sittin in a range/ while you pitchin for some change/ still spittin out complaints huh?/ you got it twisted while you sippin on your drink/ instead of getting all defensive/ you should listen for a change/ everybody knows that life is difficult/ but in comparison/ man our stripes is minimal/ see/ society got us hyped as criminals/ like/ clinical cynical's/ sittin at the pinnacle/ thinkin we're individuals/ livin strictly habitual/ it's pitiful/ we ditching on all our principles/ I swear it's biblical/ in addition/ we're inhospitable to all the inexplicable/ typical if you ask me/ cuz in the past/ you try to pass as the present and you wouldn't pass last week/ in other words its like living extortion/ try to focus in/ all we see us distortion/ parents now gettin rid of their kids/ a hundred years ago/ women wouldn't dream of abortion/ see/ I exercise my right to freedom of speech/ but if you disagree/ it's like I lost my freedom to speak/ right?

Verse 2:
Well/ I ain't playin your games/ so you could say that he's lame/ but I ain't gonna change/ so just come at me with your lame beef/ telling me not to change you/ then press your beliefs and try to change me/ say I'm intolerant/ hateful/ alright cool man/ tell me what that makes you?/ huh?/ ain't no pro choice/ it's pro death/ speak on it/ pro voice til there's no breath/ and/ that's not all that I came here to say/ I'm not a leader/ just re paving the way cuz see/ rappers telling us to stay strapped/ Rollin in a maybach/ laid back/ now a days man I hate rap/ I'm steady praying for the day it makes its way back home like a stray cat/ til then I pay to listen to em lie to me/ quietly envision/ then give into my anxiety/ plus it's like we frown upon sobriety/ am I the only one willing to ask what's wrong with our society?

Verse 3:
So/ while you decide if you likin the verse/ there's kids in 3rd world countries that's dying of thirst/ know what I mean?/ no you don't/ you ain't never been there/ focused on your whip/ your chicks focused on her skin care/ and we get pissed when we face injustice but/ take a look at them homie/ it ain't ever been fair/ you ever take a moment to think?/ I bet they'd die for the water you pour out in your sink/ I bet they'd kill for the food you throw out in your trash/ while you go on and on whining bout the s*** you never had/ it's like the seasons never change/ fussin bout our lives like we can't be the ones to blame/ livin in the richest country in the world/ give the boy a mil/ I bet he'll still find a reason to complain/ we just conceal the answers when most of us have never felt a real disaster/ like/ a hurricane/ we don't feel it matters/ we're to busy gettin filled by this silver platter right?/ til they movin us out/ we hard to recognize without the silver spoon in our mouths/ and/ it's not up for discussion/ the amount of negligence towards others is simply disgusting/ so forget what you heard/ if you live in this country and your not grateful/ you've got some nerve